Third Annual Meeting of Kazakh Physical Society

June 07-11, 2023, Kurchatov, Republic of Kazakhstan



The Third annual meeting of Kazakh Physical Society will be held in Kurchatov, in the National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


  Kazakh Physical Society

  National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan



Tolegen Abdisagievich Kozhamkulov President of KPS


Tlekkabul Sabitovich Ramazanov Vice‐President of KPS, Al Farabi University

Erlan Gadletovich Batyrbekov - Director General of the NNC RK

Kanat Abdualievich Baigarin - Head of Astana Branch of KPS, Nazarbayev University

Scientific Program Committee:

KazNU: T. A. Kozhamkulov, T. S. Ramazanov, A. E. Davletov, M. E. Abishev, N. Zh. Takibayev, K. N. Dzhumagulova;

NU: K. A. Baigarin, A. Desyatnikov, A. Nurmukhanbetova, Z. Utegulov, A. Tikhonov,

A. Zhumabekov, A. Bountis, M. Kaikanov;

ENU: R. Myrzakulov, A. K. Aryngazin;

KBTU: M.T. Gabdullin, K. Kh. Nussupov, N. B. Beisenkhanov;

KazNTU: R. Beisenov;

KazNPU: A. I. Kupchishin, V. N. Kosov;

NNC RK: E. G. Batyrbekov, M. K. Skakov;

INP: S.K. Sakhiev, N. T. Burtebayev, T. Zholdybayev, M. Zdorovets;

PTI: T. K. Sadykov, A. Serikkanov;

ISR: Ch. T. Omarov;

FAPI: A. Zh. Bibossinov;

II: V. M. Somsikov, O. N. Krikunova;

KSU: N. Ibrayev

TSHVNS: V. V. Zhukov;

ZhSU: E. S. Andasbaev.



June 07, Wednesday - Arrival of participants, technical tours

June 08, Thursday - Conference opening. Plenary, regular and poster sessions, technical tours

June 09, Friday - Regular and poster sessions, technical tours

June 10, Saturday - Conference closing. Technical tours.

June 11, Sunday - Leave of participants.


Participants are kindly requested to inform the Organizing Committee by e-mail or by phone +7 (722-51) 2-76-95 prior to May 25, 2023 the date and number of flight (or train) of the arrival at/ departure from the nearest airport or railway station.

There are some ways to reach the venue: by plane from Astana or Almaty to Semey airport or Pavlodar airport and by train from Astana or Almaty to Degelen railway station. The Organizing Committee will provide the transfer from the airport/ railway station to Kurchatov. The Organizing Committee will provide assistance in making reservation of the hotel room.

Kindly note that without informing arrival details in advance, the Organizing Committee does not guarantee the hotel reservation and your transfer to Kurchatov.


The KPS Meeting program includes tours to the IGR research reactor, the IVG.1M research reactor, Experimental Field, Exhibition Hall of the Semipalatinsk Test Site history, Material testing Tokamak KTM, research laboratories, etc.


Rules for speaking at the plenary session - 20 min;

at regular session 10 min.

The poster paper should give a clear idea of the key points of research. It should not be overwhelmed with non-essential information.

Poster paper's size: 1 format (594841). A title of a paper, which is printed in direct font (at least 48 pt) is on the top. The names of the authors and a research advisor, an institution where the research was performed (at least 36 pt) are provided below. Text containing basic information is printed in direct font (18 pt).

Poster materials shall contain:

- Heading including the paper title, full name and affiliation/ place of study of the authors;

- Introduction (optionally);

- Relevance, objectives and tasks of the research;

- Research method;

- Outcomes;

- Conclusions;

- References, acknowledgements (if any);

- Information on in integration into production or scientific activity (if available).

Recommended design: Figures and tables should be titled. Format of figures, tables, letter height, line thickness in graphs, etc. should provide the ability to read the material at a distance of at least 2 m.


Example of the Poster Paper

The poster section will be open for the participants of the KPS Meeting every day during the coffee-breaks.


The Program of the KPS Meeting will be given later at the web-page of Kazakh Physical Society

Please address the Conference secretary if you have any questions:

Natalya Koshnenko | tel. +7 (722-51) 2-76095 | e-mail: